Engine components are critical parts to be used in the heart of an engine and must be well synchronized to optimize performance, durability and cost efficiency.

Engine Components

Failure of an essential component will cause a series of severe damages resulting in exorbitant maintenance and lengthy downtime. Therefore the satisfactory selection of reliable engine components can sometime be a daunting task. Solution of which is effectively done by us.

Cylinder Head

BOTCO Offers only proven quality parts and you can rely on its comprehensive range, value and commitment towards continuous enhancement to meet raising OEM standards.

Pistons & Rings

BOTCO focus mainly on replacement parts for Caterpillar, Komastu, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Hitachi, and many other renowned OEM engines. All imported spaes are procured from manufactures viz. FP USA, allied Korea, CAT Singapore/USA.

Seals & Repair Kits

One will find absolute convenience in sourcing quality seals and gaskets form us in which there are many choices of material, size and shape to suit your needs, both in kits and chose form, prod used from Halliate ,NOK, Parker, Bulldog, FP, Talbros, CFW, PET, GNL Etc.


Our effort have been to provide solutions in hydraulic system especially to mining equipment owners by providing Steering, Tilt, Hoist, Suspension cylinders Sourced from OEM and other reputed manufacturers.


We also supply heavuy duty sealing application that has stringent head and chemical resistance specification.


Sourced form the OEM Suppliers viz gates India, Manuli Italy, Markwell and superseal India. The hose assys offered will withstand the resistance on hydraulic, air and steering systems of heavy equipment.

HYD Components

Sophisticated hydraulic systems are the end users' requirements and expectations. A such we import and stock wide range of pumps and motors of various make (i.e.) KAWASAKI, PARKER, LINDE, REXROTH, JIC, Vickers etc. We can supply individual components such as Pistons, Valve Plates, and Heads Drive Shafts etc.


Superior rail wear resistance capacity to bear high radial loads, large bearing area for bushings sizable oil capacity and a perfect seal are the essential features of our sourced rollers which will have longer life and operate perfectly under any working condition. Individual components such as rollers shells, collars, and bushings shafts and seal groups are also available.

Track Chains

Chains lubricated and dry type are sourced from manufactures who are the OEM suppliers from Italy, Korea, China to suit different working conditions.

Life Time Seals

Items sourced from manufacturers with years of experience and associated with production of under carriage components. This ensure sufficient lubrication is available to protect the robust shaft and bearings in the Roller, Idler, Sprocket where the rotation is concerned.

Idlers, Sprockets of segments

Idlers and sprockets for all machines fit well and perform smoothly which are from whom track chains and rollers are sourced hence the entire undercarriage parts are of high quality. A wide range of front Idlers, Sprockets, Sprocket RIMS and Segments are carries in our inventory.


Fitted on excavators and loaders, are sourced from the OEM suppliers made of alloy steel, and steel cast in combination best suited for their applications. These buckets are so sturdy that they do not wear even on hard surfaces such as granite / marble / coal and iron ore and last for the investments one makes.


Entire range of bearings viz needle, Ball bearings, Roller bearings are procured from most reputed manufactures around the world like TIMEKEN, NSK, FAG, SKF Etc. value for money, expert technical service, prompt delivery and excellence in all endeavors are the core ideals empowering the company to reach the great heights with immaculate reputation.


The entire range of pumps Viz HYDRAULIC, STEERING, TRANSMISSION are procured from OEM source of suppliers both indigenous and foreign manufacturers available for Loaders, Dumpers, Dozers & Excavators of all models and makes.

Tooth Points

The tooth points fitted on buckets made of forged steel and steel casting, heat treated for long wear life with breakage resistance. We supply complete range of side pinned tooth points and adaptors with wide variety and model for different applications are sourced from KOREA, CHINA, USA, SPAIN.

Heavy Duty Parts

The Heavy Duty parts including GEARS, SHAFTS Viz TRANSMISSION, PUMP, PLANETARY, PTO main shafts are sourced from OEM approved both indigenous and foreign manufactures.

Pins & Bushings

The Pin & Bushings we supply are made up of specified materials of steel, Cast Iron and bimetal which under go the total treatment as per specifications to wuth stand their application.

Drive Lines

These components are highly dynamic and solid to with stand strong vibration under the roughest and toughest conditions.

U.J. Cross

Drive lines / universal joints sourced from manufacturers from Germany, USA, China and UDL India (for whom we are the authorised distributor) which have low vibration output to deliver high mechanical torque transmission within a power train for heavy duty application.


Filtration line consists of a extensive range of lubrication, fuel(Spin On), Hydraulics, Steering, Air Filters and coolants , which fulfil the performance requirements of construction, mining, marine and industrial heavy equipment. All filters offered are subject to vigorous laboratory tests, including structural integrity, pressure drop filtration efficiency and capacity at manufacturers end.
We source them from world renowed manufacturers. We are the distributor for USG Singapore for all their products who are wold renowned manufacturers.